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Good to know - practical information

Ungdomsøen can be a complex size with many options and a lot to deal with. Therefore, we have collected a few practical information that will be useful for your visit to Ungdomsøen.

If you do not find an answer to your question, you can write to us at: info@ungdomsoen.dk.

Kontakt os, mens du er på øen

During your visit to Ungdomsøen, you can always get in touch with Ungdomsøen's staff and young volunteers. They are wearing a pink or blue keyhanger, so you can spot them.

Emergency telephone number: +45 81 88 02 32

The emergency telephone is for emergency cases where you need help when you are on Ungdomsøen. If it is an emergency with injured people, you must call 112, just as you would on land. You must say that you are on, Middelgrundsfortet 1.

Kort over Ungdomsøen

Kort over Ungdomsøen

Regler på Ungdomsøen

Åbn alle Luk alle

Take care of our island

Youth Island is not just a playground, it's something we share. It's a development platform for the future and also a historical monument that we must take good care of. Please think twice before using the island and refrain from scratching, drawing, or engraving on walls, concrete, stones, or any other surfaces. Always remember to dispose of your waste in the trash cans.

Do not walk on the slopes

The slopes are designed to make enemies fall down. Always stay on the right side of the fence to avoid the risk of falling down and getting hurt.

Never walk alone and do not run on the piers

Always bring a friend along if you want to walk on the piers, and always walk carefully – never run. This way, you take the best care of yourselves and each other.

Clean up after yourself

We appreciate your visit and can sense the good vibes you leave behind, so you don't need to leave trash or tags to be remembered. We always clean up after ourselves here on the island, and waste should be placed in trash bins, not buried or burned. If you skip cleaning or take shortcuts, it forces Youth Island to hire extra cleaning services, which costs a lot of money that we would rather spend on organizing cool activities for you.

Inform the staff if you stay overnight at Youth Island

If you plan to sleep on the island, always report it at the kiosk. The kiosk staff will also inform you about where you can set up tents and bivouacs.

Your belongings are your responsibility

Take care of your tent and personal belongings. Youth Island is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Only light fires in the designated fire pits

You can purchase firewood at the kiosk. There, you can also find out where it is allowed to light your fire.

No open flames inside

You are not allowed to have open flames, use bat lamps, torches, or similar indoors.

The Youth Island's machinery, equipment, and tools are not toys

The Youth Island is always bustling with activity. If you come across a golf cart, tools, or a boat on your way, leave them be and be glad that enthusiastic individuals are helping guests or building their dream projects on the island.

Not everyone wants to be on your social media

Be considerate of whom you capture in pictures, videos, and other recordings. Always ask for permission before sharing.

You are allowed to swim at The Youth Island

Before diving into the blue waves, read our rules for swimming and water activities. You can find the rules on the beach and at the kiosk.

Say "hello" to those you don't know

The Youth Island is truly open. We aim to create encounters between people, and we expect our guests to be genuinely open to this. In practice, it means you are not alone on the island. There will be many different groups with their own purposes, and it's natural to greet and be curious about the other guests on the island.

You must follow the law ... of course

In general, you must, of course, comply with Danish law and follow instructions from Youth Island's staff and volunteers. You may be asked to leave if you break Danish law or oppose Youth Island's personnel.