Young Europe is Voting – Welcome to Ungdomsøen




Special information for participants in Young Europe is Voting from May 10th to 12th:

A short ferry ride for you, a historic step for a youth project in the middle of the Øresund! With the arrival of more than 200 young people from all over Europe to Ungdomsøen for “Young Europe is Voting” the recently renovated fortress will be put into action for the first time as we begin a three month period of island-tests before the officially opening in August.

Ungdomsøen will strengthen young people in their journey to become active, committed and curious citizens who take responsibility for each other, for their communities, and for the development of our societies.

The Middelgrundsfort was originally built in 1894, and was acquired and donated to the Danish Scout movement by The A.P. Møller Foundation and the Nordea Foundation in 2015 – and so the creation of a Youth Island was started. In 2016, the Nordea Foundation donated a further DKK 120 million to the project, enabling the major renovation of the Island. Ungdomsøen officially opens on August 24, 2019, but much of the island is already ready for use, therefore it is a great pleasure for us to welcome young people from all over Europe to three days of conversations, smiles, dialogue, democracy and social networking.

In this little folder you will find all the relevant information that you will need during your stay at Ungdomsøen. Most importantly of all, you will find maps of the island with directions to workshop areas, tent sites, toilets, chill-out areas, dining rooms etc. Ungdomsøen has an area of 50.000m2 and inside the island there is more than 16.000m2 and 2.5km of pathways, so even though the island may seem small from the distance, you can get lost! Please make sure you always have this folder on you.

Please also note that at the main workshop area you will be able to see the full program for the weekend with an indication of the exact spaces and areas for the individual activities. Each activity will be matched by the numbers and icons you can find in the maps in this folder. If at any point you are unsure about how to find your way around do not hesitate to ask one of our volunteers. You can identify the volunteers and our island hosts with their white and pink volunteer t-shirts.